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mèo ba tư, mèo chinchilla, silver persian cat, golden persian cat, Prince Baladi of SherylDolls

Eucker’s Prince Baladi of SherylDolls and me

     My name is Nguyen Kieu Ngoc, my little family live in Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam. We are the first cattery in Vietnam specializes in top quality Chinchilla, Silver and Golden Persian. We are very proud to have such wonderful bloodlines as Sunny Beach, Cedar Swamp, EZ2LUV, Meadowspurr, Elchakcharan, Eucker, Gran Paradiso.

     Cats are my love so I always give them the best thing we have. My cats eat Royal Canin, chicken, beef and other nutrifood.

     Our goal is produce healthy cats with beautiful, sweet, wide open expressions and loving personalities. We breed for type, head, as well as body structure and eye color follow CFA and TICA standards.

      We breed high quality, healthy, happy kittens that are raised with constant love and attention in our home and underfoot. All cats and kittens are sold with a written contract, genetic health guarantee and TICA or CFA pedigree. Our cats and/or their parents are DNA/PKD negative and FELV-FIV negative.

     Our cats and kittens are our children…with lots of time, money, and love going into each and every one. Its very important to us to find the best, most loving, forever home for each one. They are current on vaccinations and receive the best possible veterinary care in Vietnam. As a pharmacist, I always learn more and more about veterinary to help them my self too.

    Our special thanks to:

Mrs. Jitka Seichertova, Eucker Cattery – Czech Republic

Mrs. Lenka Habásková, Gran Paradiso Cattery – Czech Republic

Mr. Hoang Moc Cuong, Dore Cattery – Vietnam

for your helps in the building process and development of Sheryl Dolls.


Nguyen Kieu Ngoc

mobile: 0989.206.733

Hanoi, Vietnam

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